Our portfolio encompasses a myriad of commercial and residential projects that speak of form, elegance and harmony.  At the heart of our work lies the fundamental belief that successful landscape design involves the creation of organic space that unifies building and site.  Our sensitive approach to each project ensures that the outdoor area not only complements but also, reinforces the indoor area; softening and camouflaging boundaries between the hard-scape and the soft-scape.  Our approach is defined by careful site-specific research, extensive plant vocabulary and clever use of natural light, color and texture.

Our landscapes are unique in that they reverberate with spirit and resonate with character.  The environments we create evoke a sense of serenity as the plants and water features adorn the landscape and enhance the micro-climate.  Our artful integration of private and public spaces means that both areas are extensions of one another; with continuity and consistency in style and comfort being the most prominent elements in our designs.  Our goal is to provide clients with a wholesome environment where they can work, play and relax.


We offer services in architecture as well as in architectural remodeling.  Our office specializes in personalised service and believes in walking clients through every stage of the design-building process, from project inception to delivery.  We listen attentively to our clients, understand their ideas and respond to their dreams and concerns accordingly.  Our innovative architectural design solutions are applied to every project; whether in the formation of a luxurious yet friendly resort, a warm, interactive family setting, or a vibrant office or commercial space.

Following site inspections and careful analysis of each project, we identify project-related constraints and tailor our approach accordingly.  Inherent in our philosophy is the belief that we can transform limitations and architectural challenges, into opportunities to build sound buildings that leave clients delighted.  Here, we are deeply committed to innovation with a view to turning problem-solving into an art.

In our office, special attention is afforded to architectural renovation and restoration with the aim of preserving the integrity of historic buildings and increasing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of homes.  We are just as passionate about breathing new life in to century old buildings and restoring them to their former glory as we are about redefining and transforming homes with existing architectural impediments into creative spaces with greater fluidity and efficiency.


We specialize in architectural interior design and provide a full range of architectural services, paying as much attention to the exterior of any individual building as we do to the interior.  Nothing is left to chance as our staff analyzes site, social context, program and budget details, integrates client tastes and concerns and responds with clear, balanced concept designs.  Tarek Beshir is at once artist and engineer as he determines the structure of space and furnishes it with color, fabric and furniture.   State-of-the-art lighting, heating, flooring and window coverings are applied to kitchens, baths, spas, home theatres and indoor gardens.  Our designs reflect client preferences and goals and demonstrate a deep understanding of the optimal technologies required for successful interior environments.