Tarek Beshir has managed to turn my house into a home by taking empty spaces and making comfortable well lit areas that are both beautiful and functional at the same time.  His generous use of natural lighting and large windows made sitting indoors as beautiful as sitting outdoors.  I asked for a small sitting area in the garden where I can have some privacy, he managed to create a sanctuary for me that I could not have imagined.  He recreated both the study and the living room in a way that allowed the whole family to use them comfortably on a daily bases.  Tarek Beshir is one of the most talented architects that our family has had the pleasure of working with, he listened carefully to all our needs and patiently noted differences of opinion while respecting each member of the families’ suggestions. In the end he delivered it all.  We cannot be happier or more grateful to him.

Hend Hafez