I worked with Eng. Tarek in several architectural, interior and landscape designs.

The care I found from him and his team was not just to get a project done or move it off the shelf, but rather the care to fully customize the solution given to the exact needs and satisfaction of the client.  Further, in many occasions they would exert extra efforts – even after having reached client satisfaction – to ameliorate more in seek of absolute perfection, not caring about how much further time or effort the job would consume.

Meticulousness, detail, adjustment, perfectionism are examples of words I would use in describing his work.

He looks into the fourth dimension of his work, which is the part that can neither be drawn on drawings nor written in words.  The fourth dimension is the blend of the design, the materials, the finishing, the furnishing, lighting, planting, art, use, satisfaction, practicality and much more.  It is the dimension that drives him literally not to wish to freeze his designs at any point of time so as to give it more and more improvement.

Having worked with him in such jobs, I ended up for my work with an architect to depend on, an artist to enjoy with, a friend to talk to and a man to respect.

Amr Howeedy