Tarek Beshir manages to create an atmosphere¬† of exactly what you need to feel at home in a set up that allows you to love your home and not want to leave home because it’s your haven that brings the serenity and peace of mind you need. He created for us a peaceful beautiful home that blends the landscape with the architecture in such a way that you always feel you are in the midst of the garden and the natural light is felt at every angle with a lush greenery in every court. He was able to take our needs and our dreams and put them into existence.

He is an architect that does not give up but keeps working to perfect his design and his friendly nature makes every meeting exciting and fun. His passion to perfect his work does not stop him from repeating his drawings several times till he gets to what he aims for. I definitely enjoyed working with him and me and Karim love our home and hold great appreciation for Tarek Beshir and his work.

Heba Iskander