I first met Eng. Tarek Beshir in 2005 after he was selected to design the landscape of Concordia, a new compound in the city of the 6th of October to the West of Cairo.

I was impressed by his creative capabilities and wide knowledge and retained his office to design the garden of my house. I never regretted this decision.

I thoroughly enjoyed the brainstorming and design phases of this project. It was a highly educational experience for a layman with no knowledge of the matter.

Tarek, who became a close friend in the process, shows extreme patience and thorough understanding of his customers, their needs, tastes and constraints. He is always there to answer their queries, amend his plans and assist them in the decision making process. His extensive experience and careful documentation of his projects have enriched his pictures library which is always at hand to assist his clients in making the choice that best fits their dreams.

His attention to details as well as his enthusiasm to the projects he oversees result in manicured outcomes that cater for every need. And although his gardens are different, as he offers his clients the full choice ranging from tropical to far eastern styles, his signature unmistakably shines through.

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