My husband and I spent one year and a half drawing every single detail of our house with engineer Tarek and his highly professional team.

It was so beautiful on paper it was so hard to imagine that it could be real.  Especially that the actual house was still under construction since we had to tear down most parts of it.

Anyways I discovered that I was pregnant and my husband and I decided that we had to move in before delivery. We were all faced with the harsh reality of reconstructing, building, finishing and furnishing the house within 6 months. Everybody I knew told me that it was impossible. Well, except for engineer Tarek who believed otherwise.

Engineer Tarek and his team worked hard and diligently with my husband and I to complete the house on time. They covered every single detail related to the house: electricity, plumbing, landscape, pool, interior and even deadlines with suppliers. Engineer Tarek and his team were performing executive functioning at its best.

It was a miracle that not only did we finish on time but that the house turned out to be functional, livable and a beautiful piece of art. Just like it had been drawn on paper.

Thank you Engineer Tarek.

Mahitab Wasfy